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Our Mission

    “A Story of Two People” 

  We, at Wedding360 believe that weddings are more than a business. We believe that every couple has a story – a tale, of two people. Our goal is to make sure that the steps leading up to your event are free from stress, time effective and cost effective to allow our customers to truly enjoy the most important event of their lives and focus on the beautiful memory. The world is made up of stories – we’re going to help you tell yours in a beautiful way.

Our Services

Wedding360 plans to cover all the wedding plan bases. We plan on connecting our users to all required services such as venues,caterers,decorators,music, makeup,dresses,car rentals alongside make sure that our listings give you everything you need to know regarding them and include the important details such as the locations, pricing information, contact information and anything else you may require. We also plan on providing our users with the needed wedding tools.

The tools will come under a wedding planning section and will include a to-do list feature for keeping track of everything you need to do, a scheduling feature to make sure you don’t miss any important appointments and guest list to keep track of everyone that is coming to your wedding. Furthermore, you will also be able to write memos in the wedding planner to make sure tyou remember all the important stuff.

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Event Attractions

At Wedding360, we aim to be the one stop solution to all wedding planning needs by linking our consumers to a wide variety of required wedding services and the necessary tools to ensure a cost effective and timely wedding planning experience that allows them to focus on one of the most important events of their or their loved ones life; their wedding.


We can arrange hostel, B&B, Hotel's, guest houses, guest lodges

Photography & Videography

wedding Photography & videography is an important component to consider for your big day as well.

What to Wear

We get the latest and greatest fashion and beauty style and shopping suggestions from the experts


A celebration is a special enjoyable event that people organize because something pleasant has happened or because it is someone's birthday or anniversary.

Food & Drinks

Give your friends a wedding menu they won't soon forget

Serve as promised

We’ve been able to enjoy 5 years in business as a result of our commitment to our service promise